Part 2: Cinematics

For the last few months at 343, I worked with the Cinematics team.

Here are some WIP and in game shots of the cinematics I worked on.

Guardian Room:

This is the scene that I’ve worked on the longest – I worked on it on and off for most of my time at 343, starting from the mass out phase. I worked with the level leads Chiyo Lai and Justin Dinges on the initial look dev of the rock walls. I worked with cinematic environment art lead BJ Christian on the look dev of the lava, rock shader for the walls, and the forerunner pieces – the tunnel and the platforms. Both the tunnel and the platforms were created by kitbashing existing Forerunner assets. I set decorated the room with rocks from the Meridian campaign level – including the two rocks I made in the previous post.
Lighting for this scene was done by Tony Etienne, and animation was done by Greg Towner and Mark Champigny. Concept art by Dave Bolton and Justin Oaksford.


Arbiter Tent Scene:

I sculpted the sand on top of the floor and created the shader by combining existing dirt/sand textures. I worked with cinematic environment art lead BJ Christian on the look dev of the dirt.
Lighting for this scene was done by Tony Etienne and animation by Danny Shin.


Halsey Captured:

For this scene, I worked on the snowdrifts on the Forerunner platforms. I sculpted the snow and created the shader with the same method I used for the dirt on the Arbiter Tent scene and the rock in the Guardian Room.  I worked with BJ Christian and lighting artist Josh Marvel on look dev of the snow shader.  Forerunner platform look dev was done by Realm Lovejoy.
Lighting for this scene was done by Josh Marvel and animation by Greg Towner.


Blue Team’s Arrival:

These asteroids were originally sculpted for the previous game by John Flath. I increased the resolution of the asteroid sculpts to match current gen standards by adding more geo, rebaking the normal maps, and creating a new shader with the proprietary terrain/detail shader, with help from Josh Marvel.
Lighting for this scene was done by Tony Etienne and animation by Matt Campbell. The Argent Moon station is the background is modeled by Wei Chen.