I attended a Nathan Fowkes workshop earlier this month and learned alot. Inspired by Nathan Fowkes’ talk and his daily plein airs, I’ve been getting back to basics and doing daily studies.

1. Value/Composition

2. Volume/Perspective – how things turn in space

3. Color

4. Light/Atmosphere conditions & Material properties

5. Practical functions and designs of stuff

Rather than studying everything at once and getting overwhelmed, currently I’m doing studies just focused on value. I’ll continue them and eventually make my way down this list.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of attempts over this year and last year I did for fun and see if I forgot how to paint.

Gah need to get over this rusty art phase. A million more crappy pictures to go!

adventurers bloodnpetrol mechgirl spaceship_ptg

sunset tropicz